Little effort
with great effect.

Do you have a sedentary job? Try Pausit – a pause program that encourages and reminds you to move with simple exercises during the day.


Like a personal coach in your computer, which reminds and encourages you to move during the day. Easy to use, easy to remember.

Effect immediately

Pausit prevents and relieves stiffness and pain. A few minutes a day really makes a difference.

Feel better

Moving during the working day helps both body and brain. Feel the energy coming back after a few simple exercises.


Years of experience





For a better working day and healthier body.

How does it work?

With Pausit, it’s up to you


Choose which area of the body you want to focus on. If you are unsure, you get a selection of good exercises.


It should suit you and your day. Schedule and time the exercises.


It should be easy to do right. Pausit coaches you through your working day.

Start with pause gymnastics

Free trial of 20 days.

Free trail

What do you need?

  • Exercises for stretch and mobility
  • Exercises for breathing and relaxation
  • Relieves stiffness and pain
  • Prevents ill health and work injuries

Better ergonomics
and healthier body

Problems from the neck, shoulders and
back are one of the most common reasons
for sick leave. Often it is due to a sedentary job and little or no movement in everyday life.
Pausit’s founder Niklas Palmér noticed this. As an osteopath and kinesiologist, he met recurring clients with similar problems. The idea of a program to help prevent occupational injuries was born. Said and done. Since 2009, Pausit has helped people take more breaks in everyday life. All exercises are developed in consultation with physiotherapists, ergonomists, psychologists and orthopedic doctors.

Pausit really helps to take that break thanks to its simplicity and the fact that the exercises are easy to follow.

Linnéa Nilsson Health strategist, Borås City

Pausit is an excellent partner in the promotion of sustainable workplaces and working life for our customers.

Peter Tigerberg Product manager, Avonova Hälsa AB

What does it cost?

No start-up fees, no installation costs. As a customer, you sign an annual agreement and pay a license fee per user in the company. Easily connect new users whenever you want.

Free trial for 20 days

Try pause gymnastics with Pausit! Challenge your colleagues or yourself – how does your body feel after 20 days?