De-stress with breathing exercises

Slowing down during or post-work can often seem like an uphill battle. However, embracing moments of rest and rejuvenation is more essential than one might realize. Take a breather today – your body and mind will thank you.

Physical activity plays a crucial role in maintaining overall well-being, but it is equally important to let the body unwind and recharge. Here, we introduce two straightforward breathing exercises that can help in just that.

1.The Balloon Technique

Visualize your abdomen as a balloon. As you inhale, allow the belly to fill with air, just as a balloon would. Hold onto this tension briefly, then gently release the air as you exhale, letting your stomach fall naturally. Continue this pattern throughout the exercise.

2. Alternate Nostril Breathing

Close your left nostril and draw breath in through the right one. Now, hold your right nostril closed and exhale through the left. Finally, close both nostrils and pause for a few moments before repeating the process.

Give it a try! How does your body feel after these exercises?

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