Little effort that gives great health effects

Don´t sit still for too long, it´ll hurt over time – and use your energy and concentration. Make short movement breaks a daily habit and enjoy a well functioning body.

Entdecken Sie die natürliche Kraft von WellTone für sich! Jetzt WellTone ausprobieren!

The paus program is optimized for computers. We are actively working on a mobile version. Stay tuned!

So simple to use

Schedule your sessions, and your personal movement coach cheers you on and reminds you to take active breaks throughout the day.

With immediate effects

Get up, and stretch and bend to prevent stiffness and pain that can arise from sitting still. 
A few minutes a day makes a real difference!

Feel better

When you move, you suit up for a healthier body and mind. Not just today, but throughout life´s journey.


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Tools in Pausit Coach

Pausit Go

Deskercise is the new black! Spice up a sedentary day with active movement breaks – it helps improve your health, and avoid repetitive strain injuries.

  • Short and super simple exercises.
  • Add ready made sessions to your schedule or create your own.
  • Choose among 100 different exercises.

Monthly Challenge

Each month, a new challenge is introduced in Pausit Coach. Challenge a colleague or friend and see who will finish first, go the highest or endure the longest.

  • Elevate a few of the active breaks with a daring challenge.
  • Just for you, a selected few, or a larger group.
  • Build up some steam, invite to earlier months challenges.

How are you today?

How many stars do you give your day today? Jot down how you feel to quickly gain an overview of your well-being over time.

  • Get an overview with a simple click each day.
  • Rate your mood from 1 (rock bottom) to 5 (on top of the world).
  • Follow up on your well-being in the Statistics feature.


The Statistics feature displays trendlines for completed workouts and your mood – directly on your dashboard. What do the curves tell you?

  • Track your curve. Are you where you want to be?
  • Keep an eye on your well-being over time. Need adjustments?
  • Browse between months of the year to follow your statistics.

Stay tuned – more modules launching soon.

You make the decisions. Pausit Coach cheers you on.

The way of deskercise – Pausit Go


Choose which area of the body you want to focus on. Or, get new inspiration from one of Pausit Go’s mixed workouts.


What works for you this week? Add your favorite exercises to your schedule.


Pausit coaches and cheers you on throughout the day. Join in on a fun active break for better well-being.

Your body says Thank You!

  • Exercises for stretching and flexibility.
  • Breathing and relaxation exercises.
  • Desk exercises that relieves stiffness and pain.
  • Active breaks that prevent repetitive strain injuries associated with poor ergonomics in the workplace.

We have a license for all employees and the response from the various operations is very positive. Pausit really helps to take that needed break thanks to its simplicity and the exercises are easy to follow. The addition of breathing exercises has been appreciated by many and since the program is easy to customize individually in terms of both exercises and times, it suits us as a large organization perfectly.

Linnéa Nilsson Health strategist, Borås municipality

Pausit is cool! Doing a Pausit has become a natural part of the day. I sometimes have external visitors when Pausit pops up in the bottom-right corner. You just have to roll with it and ask your visitors to join you in a short Pausit. The guests are impressed by Pausit and find it to be a fun part of the meeting.

Conny Wilén IS Sourcing Manager, ABB

Why take an active break?

Pain from stiffness in the neck, shoulders, and back are some of the most common causes of sick leave today. Often, these repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) result from a job that involves too much sitting combined with little or no physical activity in daily life.

These injuries are actually very unnecessary and can be avoided with simple measures, says Niklas Palmér, founder of Pausit. If we would pause our sitting once every 30 minutes with some simple exercises, these RSIs would be significantly reduced. Pausit Coach helps you, your colleagues, and friends to take that much-needed break.


1 user

€ 5,50 /month
Price per user VAT excluded

30 users

€ 3,90 /month
Price per user VAT excluded

50 users

€ 3,30 /month
Price per user VAT excluded

100 users

€ 2,50 /month
Price per user VAT excluded

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