Get the home office working

Working from home from time to time has become the new normal. But having the workplace at home has its pitfalls. Check out our tips to make it work!

Primarily. A good working environment when working from home requires good cooperation between manager and employees. The employer must offer a good working environment, at the same time for which the employee is responsible by noticing and reporting risks in the work environment. As work moves into the home, routines make things easier – we have the tips to make it work!

Create and maintain routines
Keep the usual working hours and the structure of the work. Remember to take breaks, walks, lunches and coffee breaks.

Clear up
Tidy up the home office when the work day is over. Make sure the home is still a home.

Utilize systems for digital meetings or pick up the phone – we need to see and hear each other.

How are you?
Be open to talking about more than just work. Ask each other how you feel, how you are doing and suggest shared breaks.

Vary your working position to avoid ergonomic problems such as pain in the back, shoulders, muscles and joints. Remember that there is no work position that is good enough to work from for extended periods of time. Shorter breaks where you move or  stretch also make a big difference.

Good equipment
Review the possibility of lending, or borrowing, equipment such as keyboards and monitors for the home.