One little minute

Movement is good stuff. And believe it or not, a minute of exercise actually makes a difference to your health.

It’s not exactly a secret. That it is good, both for mental and physical health, to exercise. And that it becomes even more important during sedentary work. But when the days are busy, it usually feels difficult to prioritize training.

But now for the good news. In fact, it only takes a few minutes to make a difference to your health. Mai-Lis Hellenius is a doctor and professor and has been researching physical activity and its importance for the brain for several decades. Her research shows that just one minute of movement actually makes a difference to our bodies.

Adult Swedes are sedentary for an average of nine (!) hours a day, primarily due to sedentary work. In addition, they tend to overestimate how much they move. Sixty percent of those surveyed believe they exercise as much as recommended, but in reality only six percent do.

A simple way to incorporate movement into everyday life is to have regular breaks during the working day. Take a few minutes to stretch your body and do some simple movements to speed up blood circulation.

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