What happens during monotonous work?

A sedentary job in front of a computer. No or little movement during the working day. Do you recognize yourself?

The fact is that we move less and less in everyday life. And the monotonous work is not optimal for the body. But how does it really affect you?

1. Slower digestion

When you sit down, your stomach is compressed, which slows down your digestion. Sitting for short periods is fine, but slow digestion can lead to discomfort such as constipation and heartburn.

2. Poor posture

Your vertebrae are misaligned when you sit for long periods of time. Why? They are made to adapt to your body’s movements. This causes the vertebrae to lose flexibility and the risk of suffering from a herniated disc increases. Other common problems due to bad posture are pain in your shoulders, neck and back.

3. Weaker muscles

When you exercise and move, you activate your muscles, which makes your body and your muscles stronger. When you sit down, your muscles are not activated at all, causing them to become weak.

But now for the good news. It doesn’t take much to reverse the trend. You don’t have to do a full gym session to help your body. It’s enough to get a little more movement into your everyday life. Research actually says that just one minute of movement makes a difference.

By using a pause program in the workplace, you will receive regular reminders of when it is time to move. Any exercise is better than none at all, no matter how long or short the workout. Aim to move with Pausit three times a day and notice the difference.