How does your body feel?

Computer mouse fatigue, vulture neck and maybe you hear your shoulders crack a bit. Does it feel familiar? There is actually a cure. And it’s simple.

Do you have a sedentary job in front of a screen? At the end of the day, how does it feel? Maybe it tightens in the neck and aches in the arm. Shoulders that are stiff and painful. More than half of all people of working age work sedentary in front of a screen most of the day. The most common problems in the body settle in the neck, shoulders and arms. And it is also complaints from these particular body parts that result in the most sick leave.

Why does it hurt?

Prolonged and static muscle contraction, which occurs when you sit still, reduces your blood circulation. This in turn makes the muscles sore and leads to pain and cramping.

What can you do?

Problems are often caught when they already exist. But an easier way is prevention. With regular breaks during the day, both pain and sick leave can be avoided. Simple movements counteracts tired and sore muscles and increases your blood circulation.

Short break with great effects

There are several studies that show that exercise during working hours reduce sickness absence and increase the well-being of employees. But you don’t need a lunch break at the gym to be kind to your body. With the help of a paus program, you can easily get exercise during your working day. Pausit is a personal trainer that doesn’t forget – a paus program on your computer that reminds and ensures that you move regularly. A couple of minutes here and there makes a big difference. Choose which problem areas you want to focus on and set the time to when it’s most needed.