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Download our reminder function

Download our reminder function (or maybe download feature is better in english?)
To ensure you take your breaks throughout the day, we have a reminder feature in Pausit Coach that taps on your screen when it’s time. You simply download it once, then any updates will happen automatically.

Download our plugin for the reminder function.

Tutorial videos

How to install Pausit Coach web app (Edge browser)
How to install Pausit Coach web app (Chrome browser)
How it works – How are you today?
How it works – My schedule
Set up Pausit Go to to fit your days
How to create your own workouts
How it works – Monthly Challenge
How to create a team


I want to add more licenses, how do I do that?

Absolutely! Share the app link ( with your friends, or anyone you know. All new users get a generous 21-day free trial period. Access All Areas with no strings attached!

How do I end my account?

If you've integrated the spirit of Pausit Coach into your daily routine and no longer need reminders or high fives, just drop us an email to and we’ll help you gracefully wrap up your account.

What is a module in Pausit Coach?

A module refers to different types of active breaks. For example, Pausit Go or the Monthly Challenge. Some require purchasing a license, while others are free for everyone.

Can I use the wellness allowance for Pausit Coach?

Yes indeed, you can use your wellness allowance to pay for Pausit Coach. Just make your payments through the app as usual and then submit the order confirmation to your employer.

What is a license?

Think of a license as a ticket to access a specific module. If you have a Pausit Go-license you can fill your schedule with workout sessions from this module. A license is valid for 12 months, and the annual fee is paid either by you or your generous employer.

How do I know when my license expires?

Navigate to the Licenses page in your profile settings. Go to the My licenses tab, it lists the licenses you have, along with details about their expiration dates.

What is the difference between a module and a license in Pausit Coach?

A module is the activity itself, while a license is your ticket to use that module. So, you buy a license for a specific module like Pausit Go.

How do I buy licenses?

Click on Buy license in the navigation menu or access it through your profile. Choose the module, and you'll be guided through a straightforward three-step process for license purchase.To buy licenses as an employer you need to set up a team. Through it you may invite your colleagues as members to enjoy the licenses you offer.

Do I have to buy a license for a full year?

Yes, licenses are annual in Pausit Coach.

Yes, licenses are annual in Pausit Coach.

Can you pause a pause? Nope, pausing a license actually isn’t an option in Pausit Coach.

How do I terminate my license agreement?

For any changes to your license agreement, simply email, and we’ll assist you.

How do I challenge a colleague in the Monthly Challenge?

Challenging colleagues in the Monthly Challenge is a fun way to add a bit of competition. Gather your team, start the video, and dive into the challenge. Maybe the winner treats everyone to five burpees? A little practice before the official start won't hurt!

How do I create my own workout sessions for Pausit Go?

Creating personalized sessions in Pausit Go is not only easy but also fun. Check out the Pausit Go module, navigate to My workout sessions, click Create workout and follow the 4-step process to design your session. Choose category, focus areas, exercises, and give it a catchy name!

How do I change the instructor?

Tired of your personal trainer? No problem! Head to the Pausit Go module, click on "Settings," and select a new avatar that better suits your vibe.

How do I change the length of the exercises?

During a session, find the menu at the bottom right of the player. You can choose to display a normal, longer, or shorter number of exercises. Slide it to adjust the session length.

Can I change the speed of the exercises?

But of course! You can tweak the speed slightly. Standard is 100%, but if you're feeling extra energetic, try 130%. Life in the fast lane, anyone?

How do I choose which exercises to include in my workout sessions?

Great question! It's all about making your sessions tailored to your preferences. Here's a quick guide: 1) Navigate to the Pausit Go module.2) Click Settings, located in the upper right corner.3) Beneath your avatar, you'll find two categories: Favorite exercises and Disabled exercises. (If they're empty, that means you haven't selected any favorites or disabled any exercises yet.) 4) To customize your session, click on Edit exercises to view all exercises in the module.5) Scroll through the categories to explore different exercises.6) Assign a red heart to mark exercises as favorites.7) If there are specific exercises you're not a fan of, uncheck them. These will be disabled and won't appear in your sessions.Make it enjoyable but don't forget to challenge yourself!

How do I add workout sessions to my schedule?

Adding or moving sessions is super easy. Go to My schedule, click on Add workout, and drag and drop sessions into your weekly plan. Well there, move it around to suit your day perfectly.

How do I remove sessions from the schedule?

Removing sessions is straightforward. Click on the menu for the particular workout session, select Remove workout, and it's done. If you change your mind, add it back via My Schedule. Just click Add workout in the upper right corner.

When do I need a "Team" in the app?

Teams come in handy when you're purchasing licenses for more than just yourself – commonly seen when a company provides licenses for its employees. You can also create a team for a private training group.

How do I create a team?

Creating a team is a breeze. Navigate to your profile, click on Create team, give it a fitting name, and you're all set. Manage your team on the My team page on your profile and invite members from the Members page.

How do I invite members to my team?

"Head to the Members page on your team profile. Click Invite new members. From here you can invite members in two different ways 1) Copy an invitation link that you can send via regular email. The advantage here is that you can quickly send it to multiple people simultaneously. 2) Send invites by email through the app. The advantage here is that you can track the invitation status of members in the Invitations tab."

What happens if I accidentally delete my team?

Deleting a team is possible only when it has no licenses or members (except yourself) connected to it. If you change your mind, creating a new team and inviting members is an easy task.

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